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Staying productive with free learning tools

Exam season is over soon and you’re going to be stuck at home for a while. It’s easy to fall back and take a long break to reward yourself after the exam struggle is over. If you’re looking to stay productive during quarantine, here are some resources you might want to try out.

10 stay at home study tips

You thought it’d be easier to study at home. Surprise, surprise, it comes with its own challenges. Exams are coming up, but you just can’t focus at home. The anxiety kicks in, knees weak, arms heavy, mom’s spaghetti. We’re here to give you some tips so chill out already.

Homesick? Check out our tips.

You are never too old to miss home. Especially now, where we are separated from love one during these trying times. Homesickness is different for everybody. It’s more than the tight feeling in your chest when thinking about your favourite homemade dish. Here are a few things you can do to reduce it bit by bit.

COVID-19 support for international students

In this battle against COVID-19, it’s not easy to keep ourselves safe, healthy, and financially secure. The Australian Government has worked with various organisations and institutes to offer support for international students and workers in Australia. Here is some information and a list of resources.



Sydney's best takeouts

We list some of our favourite Sydney institutions that are now offering their stunning food for takeaway. From cheap eats for your everyday meal, to fancier takeaway meals for that special occasion, we’ve got you covered.

COVID-19 advice from an international student

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much anxiety, confusion and isolation. There are a number of international students who have decided to remain in Australia, myself included. How can international students get help and support from the Australian government or any other organisations during these trying times?

Looking for Flexible accommodation bookings?

During these uncertain times, it may be difficult for students to commit to their overseas study adventure. With that in mind, we have put together a list of student accommodation providers, who have updated their deferral and cancellation policies for students impacted by COVID-19.