Looking for Flexible accommodation bookings?

03 Jun 2020

During these uncertain times, it may be difficult for students to commit to their overseas study adventure, especially when there are so many unknowns such as when travel restrictions to Australia will be eased.  With that in mind, we have tried to make things just a little bit easier for you by putting together a list of student accommodation providers, who have updated their deferral and cancellation policies for students impacted by COVID-19.  We hope this take some of the stress out of securing your student accommodation ahead of your arrival into Australia, knowing that you can have the flexibility to cancel or defer your booking should there be unforeseen changes to your circumstances. 


All Atria and Scape Properties

DEFERRAL: If you have a booking and are not able to arrive to Australia in 2020 because of COVID-19, you can defer your contract to 2021. The same terms of the original booking will carry forward to the Semester 1, 2021 booking, including the type of room you booked and even the same weekly rent.

CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel your booking, for one of the reasons detailed below, all you need to do is email the provider 14 days before the contract start date and they will cancel your booking and provide a full refund of any fees paid.  

Flexibility to defer or cancel if you are impacted by any of the below reasons, you will need to provide supporting documentation to the provider:

  • Visa Denied - if your visa application is rejected or the visa centre remains closed in your respective country
  • Flight Cancellation - if your scheduled flight is cancelled and an alternate flight is not available
  • Intake Delay of University/Education provider - if the start date of your course has been postponed to a later date or semester, or the university does not offer face-to-face learning
  • Travel Ban - if there is a travel ban either in your country of origin or in Australia preventing you from travelling
  • Medical Condition - in the unfortunate event that you or a close family member falls ill


Journal Student Living

CANCELLATION: For bookings made up until the end of August 2020, Journal will provide full cancellation refunds in the event a booking needs to be cancelled due to travel or study restrictions or ill health associated with COVID-19.

To be eligible for a ‘risk free booking’ cancellation refund, you will need to provide Journal with at least one of the below at the time of requesting a cancellation:

  • Evidence that your travel is impacted by unexpected travel restrictions imposed on your country of departure by the Australian Government.
  • A copy of your cancellation of enrolment confirmation or deferral (for more than 1 month) confirmation from your academic institution within 48 hours of receiving such notification.
  • A copy of your medical certificate of ill health associated with COVID-19 within 48 hours of receiving such notification.


The Student Housing Company

CANCELLATION: You can cancel a tenancy agreement without penalty provided written notice has been provided to The Student Housing Company at least 30 calendar days prior to the agreement start date.

If cancellation is made to The Student Housing Company less than 30 days before the agreement start date you will be charged a break lease fee of 1 weeks rent.

Cancellation of the agreement due to failure to secure a University Offer or Student Visa will be without penalty provided notice is given in writing, within 14 days of agreement start date and supported with written verification confirming decline of offer and/or visa. If this is provided less than 14 days prior to the start of the agreement you will be charged a break lease fee of 1 weeks rent.


Student One

DEFERRAL: All students are being offered the opportunity to defer their booking to a later date in 2020 with all agreed rates remaining unchanged. There is no charge for changing a booking and where they have paid a deposit that is moved to the new booking.

CANCELLATION: To cancel a future booking, students can do that with no penalty. Any payments that have secured their original booking with will be refunded as long as they cancel it before the arrival date.



DEFERRAL: When a property receives a request for a deferred start date, it may be considered on case by case basis by the property. Please note, further deferments in some properties will not be possible however the property provider may work closely with the affected students to find a suitable arrangement across their portfolio. 

CANCELLATION: Should a student need to cancel their accommodation as a result of illness or no longer partaking in study, the following information is required to be submitted to the provider:

  • An email requesting cancellation sent prior to their scheduled lease start date.
  • Confirmation of having travelled through China and;
  • Notice of withdrawal and refund issued by their University or education provider.
  • Cancellation for convenience will be subject to standard contract provisions.

It is important to note that each UniLodge is unique in its ownership structure and as such there are different requirements at each building for deferring a contract start date.  Each student will be responded to on a case by case basis with UniLodge working to support the best outcome for all stakeholders.


If you have any questions on flexible student accommodation bookings or require more information, please do not hestiate to contact us.