Homesick? Check out our tips.

05 Apr 2021

How to get over homesickness? Why am I homesick? Help me!

You are never too old to miss your home. Especially now, where we are unfortunately separated from those we love during these trying times. Moreover, it’s not easy for any of us to fly back home due to COVID-19. Living and studying abroad is a big move to make and it’s understandable if you might feel homesick. The first few weeks you moved in must be really amazing because everything is still new and exciting! But after the routine sets in and things are starting to slow down, that’s when your homesickness starts.

Homesickness is different for everybody! It’s so much more than the tight feeling in your chest when thinking about your favourite homemade dish, or wanting a warm hug from your mom after a long day, or even missing the road you took everyday on your way home. There isn’t a more effective cure to homesickness then to give it time. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce it little by little.

Let it all out

Let all your emotions out. Call your family and friends, tell them you miss them. Have a little cry session. Ask for a hug from a friend near you. Do anything you can to let your sadness go. Don’t hold it in. Take your time. Don’t try to always put on a brave face! Moving far away from home takes a lot of courage so award yourself for doing so. Go and cry your heart out!

Fall in love with the place you live

Indulge yourself in local festivities or cuisine. The more in love with the city that you're currently in, the less you feel homesick. Go on adventures with your friends to places you haven’t been to. Find the local attractions such as museum or exhibition gallery or check out local or university events. Let yourself be a tourist!

Surround yourself with people

Being around your friends or people you know can definitely help reduce homesickness. Even if you don’t feel like you want to, force yourself to be surrounded by people. Australian universities have a lot of uni clubs and organisations, you can always choose based on your interest or hobby. You can also try to find part time jobs to fill your free time. Or simply just go to  shopping malls, parks, cafes, restaurants or anywhere with a lot of people. It will help make you feel less lonely.

Set a time to call your loved ones back home in between your busy uni life

Try and check up on them with a specific schedule like twice a week or every tuesday night. Although this may seem like it isn't enough, it allows you room and space to begin forming new social ties in your new environment while maintaining connection to your family back home.

Reflect on yourself

Try and ask yourself, “What are you actually missing?”. You may not be used to the new environment you're currently in at first, but know that new experiences can help you grow and mature as a person. Don’t be afraid of change.

These are the five ways you can help cope with homesickness. Now, everytime you feel homesick, always remind yourself that you are stronger and braver than you give yourself credit for. Embrace your sadness, keep a positive mind and believe that at the end of the day you will be okay =)